Challenges to rule of law, democracy and human rights after the outbreak of COVID-19 from a Swedish perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on all areas of life: health, economy and politics.
There has been significant debate in all countries on the correct strategy and measures to counter
the pandemic. What is the correct strategy remains to be seen and this article will not make an
attempt to make a conclusion in this regard. However, I will argue that Sweden and other
countries could choose either a softer or more aggressive approach to counter the pandemic
while at the same time respect the basic tenets of rule of law, democracy and human rights.
With an aggressive approach I mean a stricter lockdown: requiring people to stay at home,
closing primary schools, restaurants and bars. The respect for these values may have had some
impact on the choices made by Sweden, but they were arguably not an absolute obstacle
preventing Sweden from adopting a more aggressive approach to suppress the COVID-19

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The Twin Crises of Public Health and Rule of Law  

The COVID-19 pandemic strikes in the midst of a global rule of law crisis in which respect for key principles of good governance has been eroding in many countries for a number of years. These twin crises of public health and rule of law make this pandemic particularly dangerous. The pandemic is putting additional stress on the rule of law and threatens its further erosion. At the same time, gaps in the rule of law risk worsening the COVID-19 crisis and undermining our ability to respond effectively.

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『香港の民主派活動家に対する圧力拡大 -国際社会の注視必要』


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『外国政府によるサイバー空間を通じた選挙介入: 2016年米大統領選挙と2018年台湾統一地方選挙 』


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Japan’s Support for Democracy Related Issues: Mapping Survey


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